About Me

 I am a fourth year PhD candidate at York University.  My research interests centre around interpersonal relationships and social cognition.  Specifically, I am interested in how individuals respond to transgressions that occur within their relationships.  Currently my research is taking a mixed-methods, bottom-up approach to studying grudge holding.  I am conducting semi-structured interviews and will use the results of a thematic analysis to generate a pool of items.  These items will then be distributed and factor analyzed in order to create and validate a measure of grudge holding.

I completed my Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, with a specialization in psychology and a minor in sociology.  My thesis was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Emily Impett, and examined the ways in which individuals interpret ambiguous relationship events after their goal orientation has been primed to be approach or avoidance focused.  As an undergraduate I also completed an eight month practicum at ErinoakKids, which is a treatment centre for children with disabilities.  During my time there I worked hands-on with a number of autistic children learning Applied Behaviour Analysis. 

From 2011 - 2013 I worked toward my Master's Degree at York University under the supervision of Dr. Ward Struthers.  My thesis looked into the causal relation between adult attachment and four primary post-transgression responses: forgiving, holding a grudge, seeking revenge, and avoiding.  I am also working on a project in collaboration with Dr. Raymond Mar.  This research is establishing "shipping", which refers to emotional investment in fictional couples, as a unique form of media engagement.